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Social media Optimization Services
Social Media optimization is very important in overall digital marketing service.Social Media websites like Facebook,Google+,twitter,youtube,Linkedin,Instagram,Pinterest etc. has billions of users and your business needs to be there to get maximum Media website is a place where people can gather,speak,interact,share and connect with each other.

Why social Media Optimization services are important for any business.

  1. For customer service,6 out of 10 users prefer social media platforms for interactions.
  2. There are billion users on Facebook and 50% users like to engage with organization on Facebook.
  3. 7 out of 10 social media users pay attention and interact what’s shared by their social connections.
  4. Social Media users prefer customer service and response over contacting a company via phone.

Social Media Marketing plan requires regular maintenance,connection,networking.Our SMO services include.

  1. Setting up your profile with social networking websites like Facebook,twitter,youtube(Video content client has to provide),Instagram,Google+ etc. and community building.
  2. Viral marketing ideas such as news,events,articles,photos etc. to encourage visitors to tag ,shareand interact.
  3. Sharing RSS feed to various websites to increase visitors.
  4. Promoting your websites on various social networking sites,in various highly traffic groups onFacebook,Google+ and others.

Some of the Social Media Optimization(SMO) Techniques we use are:-

  1. Social Bookmarking
  2. Social Profile Listing
  3. Photo Sharing
  4. Video Sharing
  5. Game Sharing
  6. Social Shopping Feeds
  7. Blogging
  8. Online Product Reviews
  9. RSS Feed Promotion/submission
  10. Social Video sharing and optimization
  11. Audio and Music Sharing sites like SoundCloud etc.
  12. Question and Answers like yahoo answers etc.

Benefits of Getting our Dedicated SMO services are:-

  1. Increase in targeted traffic
  2. Increasing client base
  3. Expand your reach/ target market
  4. Boosting your Other Online Marketing Strategies such as Search Engine Optimization,Pay Per Click Marketing
  5. Improved conversions
  6. Brand awareness
  7. Inbound backlinks to your business/market
  8. Proven online advertising
  9. Getting better organic visibility
  10. Direct Marketing

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