Google Penguin Recovery Process

Google penguin-recovery-services

1. Is your website ranking droping in Google search Engine Result Pages?
2. Do you find sudden or noticeable decrease in traffic of your website?
If your answer is yes than Google updates got you down or you have been hit with penalty.

How to know your website has been Penalized ?

  • Decrease in organic search traffic.
  • Drop in organic ranking for your target keywords or your brankd keywords.
  • you are not able to find your website on Google by “site:”
  • you have received unnatural links warning message in Google Webmaster Tools.

Google Penguin Recovery Services

Penguin mainly hit sites with unnatural bad quality links and over optimization of anchor texts.The Penguin Recovery Experts at JumpTechMedia runs many checks revolving around major factors,which are the root cause of problem.Our services include:

  • Evaluation of Inorganic/Unnatural Links.
  • Analyzing Links from Google WebMasterTool Latest Link Report, Majestic SEO, ahrefs.
  • Manually doing a check on these links for anchor texts distribution, PR distribution, link farms, ip check etc.
  • Contacting Webmasters on your behalf to remove these bad links.
  • Thorough Documentating the process and the response.
  • Filtering-out Backlinks on the Basis of Theme,Anchor Text Being Used.
  • Identifying the Links that need to be removed.
  • Creating disavow.txt file for the sites/urls we are not able to remove and submitting the same.
  • Monitoring Google Webmaster Tools for the changes in inbound link numbers.

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