Google Panda Recovery Process


1. Is your website ranking dropping in Google search Engine Result Pages?

2. Do you find sudden or noticeable decrease in traffic of your website?

If your answer is yes than Google updates got you down or you have been hit with penalty.


How to know your website has been Penalized ?

  • Decrease in organic search traffic.
  • Drop in organic ranking for your target keywords or your brankd keywords.
  • you are not able to find your website on Google by “site:”
  • you have received unnatural links warning message in Google Webmaster Tools.

Google Panda Recovery Services

Great high ranking websites have fallen down in search results and we at JumpTechMedia can help you restore your website from the clutches of Panda Update.This Update left many webmasters dry and their traffic dropped off.Generally,we understand the situation and if you have been hit by Google Panda Update,we can help you.

How do you get back your websites rankings?

Our SEO team will audit your website and identify all issues with content,back-links,meta tags,duplicate content,anchor tags,meta tags,heading(h1,h2,h3..) tags,alt tags,URL structure etc. and fix problems related to it.

In the first stage,we review and analyse your website and in second phase,we execute Action plan to recover it from Panda Update.

Reviewing your website

  • Baseline Rank Checking
  • Duplicate Content Check
  • Redirection pages status checking
  • Broken Link check
  • Website Crawling and Indexing check
  • External Backlink Analysis (up to 1200 back links)
  • Internal Backlink Analysis (up to 1200 back links)
  • Duplicate Meta Tag analysis

Action plan

  • Fix Duplicate Meta tags – up to 15 pages
  • Fix internal Linking (Anchor text variation).
  • Replace Duplicate content with useful, fresh content @ USD 8 per page
  • Remove unnatural back links using Google Disavow tool (up to 1200 back links)
  • Resubmit the XML sitemap Google Webmaster tools after fixing duplicate content,Unnatural links.
  • Work Report

What’s next

Please consider the following points below if you want to restore your rankings

Say no to duplicate content:Starts writing original content,copy,paste duplicate content will not work.We recommend that you add blog section to your website and regularly update it with fresh and new content.

Do SEO according to Google standards : We at JumpTechMedia help you achieve that goal with our SEO Packages,please contact us today or Get a free Quote by filling form at the right side.

Promote your site on social websites:Going on social websites like Facebook,Twitter,Google+ will help you increase your social status and Google likes it very much.

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